We explain why you have to host your company with Buyu Host!

Implementation and Management

Implementation in less than 1 minute

All cloud servers are implemented by default with IOPS/SDD storage technology, which allows you to create and start new servers in less than 1 minute.

Scheduled snapshots and backups

Instantly create or schedule quick backups and restores based on your storage size.

Support for Linux and Windows

Use one of the free templates available, or create your own from a backup, upload and boot from your own custom ISO.

Server Cloning

Easily set up a test environment by cloning one of your cloud servers or storage devices. Make it a template and automate your deployments.

Failure test mode

Provides continuous availability for applications with up to four virtual CPUs by creating a live shadow instance of a virtual machine that mirrors the primary virtual machine. In the event of a hardware failure, FT automatically triggers failover to eliminate downtime and prevent data loss.

After failover, FT automatically creates a new secondary virtual machine to provide ongoing protection for the application.

Free Migration

Don't worry about the additional costs of migrating from a different cloud provider. We perform migrations for free from any hosting provider (host) and under any control panel or server. Our certified system administrator technicians can do what you need.

Infrastructure and Networks

SSD Storage

Make sure your data is safe

It is the world's #1 open source software-defined storage operating system.

Enhance backups and keep data safe using the next generation OpenZFS file system.

Lower TCO, Optimize backup reliability through built-in self-healing bit-break mitigation, unlimited snapshots, replication and industry-standard AES encryption.

Mitigate ransomware attacks on cloud applications. Core of a disaster recovery plan for cloud applications.

Ensuring flexible access to data

Enterprise-class storage compatible with different cloud services.

Control panel, developed in-house

We developed our dashboard to give you autonomy over all aspects of your infrastructure and give you a complete view of your billing.

Native IPv6 support

All our cloud servers can be deployed or add an IPv6 address for free. Future-proof your business today.

Private networks around the world

Our data centers are interconnected, allowing us to build highly available geolocation applications without a single point of failure.

Latest Intel CPUs and Dell Servers

With the latest Intel processors, you'll always get high performance no matter the workload, whether single-wired or multi-wired.

InfiniBand networks

InfiniBand is designed to enable more efficient data center deployment. It natively supports server virtualization, overlay networks, and software-defined networks (SDNs). Take an application-centric approach to messaging, finding the path of least resiliency to deliver data from one point to another. This differs from traditional network protocols (such as TCP/IP and Fiber Channel), which use a more network-centric method to communicate.

Backup System

Incredibly Fast

Optimized for quick snapshots to ensure zero interruptions or slowdowns on your cloud server and even during peak hours.

Full snapshot backups

Select the backup program as per your needs and system storage (all).

Fast Access

Your latest boosters are kept on hand for near-instant recovery, even in the worst-case scenario.

long term stored

A backup storage system keeps your data safe and secure.

Acronis Restoration

Restore your entire system to new and different hardware with a few clicks.

Get a new machine up and running in minutes without having to worry about compatibility issues.

Migrate systems across physical and virtual platforms quickly and easily.

Avoid having to look for identical equipment (as well as negotiating availability).

Avoid spending hours reinstalling the system and configuring apps.

Reconnect to your network without having to do any configuration.

Restore systems to a known, working state quickly and accurately, even if you're not an IT expert.

Acronis Backup

We use Acronis Backup to provide customers with a complete and reliable backup service to achieve their RTO and RPO goals. We also provide you with a set of backup options; from file level on basic workstations to full server based backups.

Clone to new storage device

Need access to a single file or folder and don't want to roll back the entire system? Clone any backup from a new storage device and connect it to an existing cloud server.

Need help? send us an email to [email protected], and our technical assistance team will answer your request as quickly as possible, we are at your disposal 24 hours a day.